Why is the IRS Late on Getting Your ITIN

Wondering why is the IRS so behind? or late on getting your ITIN?

So today we are going to talking about why is IRS so behind? It’s a great question. People always complain about it.

That’s the question is the IRS is not always behind. There have been years that since we’ve gone into this game, obviously years ago.

There have been years where during tax filing season, the IRS is very much caught up the work and they know they’re processing these items in a pretty timely fashion.

And then there are some years where they get backlog a little bit in the processing gets delayed. It just depends.

People have to keep in mind that there’s several hundred million tax return being filed and or ITIN applications being submitted or EIN being submitted, so when it’s tax return filing season, you know, it can get you know, they can get backlog pretty quick and pretty easily.

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Why is the IRS Behind on Getting Your ITIN

So you’ve got to keep that in mind. A lot of you don’t realize that, but that’s the reality of it that there’s hundreds of millions of these things coming to the IRS service centers.

And they do their best to process them as fast as they can, but also as correctly as possible. Now obviously with that there comes IRS mistakes, which office doesn’t help because it causes more delays for the client to be able to get the ITIN and EIN or wherever the cases that happens.

But generally, the IRS is pretty on pace. We’ve come to find the the times where they’re really backlog severely, as we’re under extenuating circumstances, like example last year with the shutdown that obviously caused a severe backlog and a delay in tax return.

ITIN or EIN services that obviously happen and especially now with the Corona Virus situation the processing. The IRS is working at 50 percent capacity and probably soon they’re going to be, you know, closed for safety precautions.

Reasons Why IRS Delay on Getting Your ITIN After Corona Virus

And it’s going cause a massive delay in the processing time in these kinds circumstances. Yes, the IRS can be very behind. And yes, there are some years where the IRS does get a little backlog that it needs to have a temporary delay in the processing.

And it’s a little bit longer, but generally the IRS is pretty on point with the time frames they put out there. So for the ITINs people who are planning their own, it’s when they say it’s about 10 to 14 weeks, it’s about 10 to 14 weeks.

if you’re applying to your CAA, when they say, it’s generally about five or six weeks. It’s usually about that time. You always say plus or minus a week, but it’s an average of that timeframe.

Now, that big delay that usually only comes when there’s extenuating circumstances, a shutdown or corona virus outbreak or something.

So that’s just that’s the best way to answer that question for you guys. Yes, there might be some temporary delays in there some years, some years.

They may not have any some as they will, but that’s usually it is not during tax return filing season, outside tax return filing season there’s no extenuating circumstances.

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How Many Weeks IRS Take to Getting Your ITIN

The IRS gets these items out pretty quick when you’re going through CAA. It’s about three to four weeks. So any time people talk to us, they will.

if we’re in tax filing season and people are asking us, well, we saw your video reviews and your client saying they got their ITIN in three and a half weeks, four weeks, we tell them it’s true.

They very much did get there ITIN in that time. But look at when they posted that video review. They posted it in a summer which is outside of that standard tax filing season.

So the IRS wasn’t really backlog. They were pretty much on top of the work. They were able to process this ITIN application and get out there quickly. This because they went to see like myself.

So, yeah, we got them three, four weeks this summer. But when you’re talking about March, peak tax filing season, it’s not going to be three or four weeks.

And as we said, you always want to make sure you be careful where these, you know, individuals are telling you that they can get their ITINs for you in a day, a week, two weeks. That is impossible.

Is it even promising you that always be aware that person is committing pure fraud. You really want to make sure that you’re careful of these things.

And, whenever you’re looking to try to do your research, due diligence is a very important process. It’s that we choose a glue to allow different aspects for your life, especially for non U.S.

So you really make sure do your research. See, we just keep that in mind.

So when people say, oh, no, how are people with you being. How were they able to get the ITIN in three to four weeks at that time?

That’s because of the outside tax filing season. We were asking during tax filing season. It’s a little bit different.

And we’re enjoying the IRS is pretty on top of their processing. But if they are delayed, it’s usually because there’s extenuating circumstances.

What To Do Next

So we hope this question of this article answered that question for you guys. Clearly, if you have any more comments to make or questions posted below and if you’re ready, get started with the ITIN application.

You can click the link below. Or if you have any questions, you can send me an email at info@itin.com. We look forward to work with you.

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