What Is an ITIN Used For?

Most common question that we get from people, which is what is an ITIN used for? This is most common right after, what is an ITIN? So let’s go ahead and jump into it in terms of explaining what you can do with your ITIN and what it’s used for.

As most of you know, your ITIN, you can use it to file and pay taxes. Now everyone knows that, but what else can you use your ITIN for?

If you’re in the States, you can use it for a lot of basic functions for example.

  • applying for a credit card
  • applying for an apartment
  • for rent
  • finance a car

And a lot of other stuff as well too. And obviously, opening up bank accounts, whether it’s a personal bank account or a business bank account or a brokerage account if you’re trying to trade on the stock market. Those are some of the basic functions as well too that you can use the ITIN for if you’re in the States or sometimes even outside of the States.

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What is ITIN Used For

ITIN is used to:

  • ​File tax return and pay taxes
  •  Open a U.S. bank account (both personal and business) (ITIN is mandatory for opening a U.S. bank account if you don’t have an SSN)
  • ​Open online accounts (like PayPal, Stripe, Square, Amazon etc.)
  • ​Comply with U.S. Federal withholding requirements on earned income (such as Royalties, Dividends, Rental Income, etc)
  • ​Provide it to your employer to help get a job
  • ​Apply for mortgage loan
  • ​Apply for apartment rental
  • ​Finance a car
  • ​Apply to get a credit card

How to Use ITIN Number As a Business Owner

Then if you’re a business owner, for example if you’re a non-US citizen but you own a US-registered businesses like an LLC or a corporation, whether you’re based in the States or you’re based outside of the States, you’re going to need your ITIN ultimately to operate your US business.

After you’ve registered your business and you’ve gotten the EIN tax ID for it, you’re going to need your ITIN to help open up your US business bank account, open up merchant accounts, payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

Obviously to also enroll on other platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay. So yeah, the ITIN’s used for a lot of different reasons in that regard.

Can ITIN Number Used to Rent An Apartment for US or Non US Citizen

So yeah, the ITIN is used for a lot of different reasons in that regard. And then also moving into specific types of income.

If you’re earning specific types of income, like royalties or dividends or annuities or rental income or pensions or annuities, you’re going to be faced with a withholding as a non-US citizen if you don’t have a Social Security number.

You’re going to face with a withholding on that income and that withholding, that can be reduced with the ITIN that having a tax ID number, they can reduce the rate of withholding. So that’s another key thing to use the ITIN for.

Also if people who are in the real estate game, if they’re a non-US citizen, they bought US real estate, and they’re looking to sell that real estate, that income could be withheld from them due to not having that tax ID. So ITIN is used for that as well too.

Refer to cases that would be referred to them. And then also you can also use your ITIN to help you obtain a mortgage, only if you qualify of course, that’s one of the things they do look for in place of the SSN.

So the ITIN is really useful. There’s so many different things you could use it for and a lot of people don’t even really know a lot of these uses that we’re talking about for the ITIN and how it comes into effect and how it plays.

People just mostly think about just bank accounts and tax turns, but there’s honestly so much more that it ties into. Like, we always tell everyone that we work with or that we can solve for, the ITIN is honestly the glue to everything for the non-US citizen. So essential.

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With An ITIN You Will Be Able To…   

  • Open a U.S. Bank Account
  • File Your Txes
  • Generate income in the U.S.
  • Sell virtually on any online platform (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc…)
  • Receive payments through PayPal, Stripe, Square, or any other payment processor.

So we hope this article was really informative. Hope you guys now understand not only what ITIN is, but what it’s used for now. And if you are ready to apply for your ITIN, don’t hesitate, there’s no one better than us to go and help you with it.

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