How to Get Your Full Tax Refund With an ITIN

Wondering how to get your full tax refund with an ITIN.

So today we’re gonna be talking about a great topic, definitely the significance of how to get your full tax refund with an ITIN.

Let’s go ahead and jump to the number one case that we get where the ITIN really comes into play to help people get their full tax refund.

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Can U.S. Citizen Get Full Tax Refund With an ITIN

The individuals who are either a U.S. citizen or they are a U.S. resident alien with a Social Security number, and they are married to someone who is a non U.S. citizen and they are looking to claim them as their spouse exemption on their tax return and do a married filing jointly.

That’s the number one case we get where people are trying to really get the ITIN to help claim their full tax refund. we get that a lot.

And then obviously, secondly, with dependents children and then obviously other cases from there. But that may filing jointly cases definitely the one we get the most inquiries about and we handle the most and the way that case works.

A lot of people think that a spouse is independent and they’re not the same thing in this generally speaking, they’re not. And the treated differently in the ITIN application as well, too, because to be cleansed, dependent on the tax cut and also to be able to apply for the ITIN for the dependent.

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Can Spouse and Dependent Get Full Tax Refund With an ITIN

There’s different requirements for the dependent than there are for the spouse. And we’ve talked about this and other articles as well, too.

There’s a bit more requirements for dependent in terms of ITIN application for tax return as opposed to the spouse for example.

The biggest one being the spouse doesn’t have to have proof. A stamp date of entry. They have never entered the U.S. and still be claim as a spousal exemption on a U.S. citizens tax return or, you know, U.S. resident aliens tax return, whereas a dependent now from 2018 up, they have to have proof of citizenship regardless of whatever country they’re from.

So there is some differences definitely in regards to that. But the number one case. And there’s a we’ve had couples come to us and they’ve stated that, yeah we didn’t know that we could claim my spouse.

That’s anonymous and all my taxes. We’ve been married five years and like five years and there were W-2. So we see those things.

We’re like, wow, we can really help this person who should have been claiming their spouse all these years and getting an increased or the full amount of tax refund that they should have been getting. They’re leaving all this significant amount of money on the table that belongs to them.

And some people are still stubborn and or lazy, and they don’t want to even go to the work, which we do pretty much all of it for them to get this done so they can get the money that belongs to them back from the IRS that they should have in the first place.

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Can Married People Filing Jointly and Refund With ITINs

People don’t realize that they’re leaving a lot of money on the table. So that example we just gave you, where it’s a married filing jointly case and the USA and the whether the alien as it may for a few years and they never claim their spouse and their taxes and they would say, for example, W-2, they could either increase tax refund, most likely.

So that’s a big that’s one of the more significant, more prominent cases we get.

A second one, obviously, is people who are looking to claim dependents.

As we mentioned before, right now we have people who are not U.S. citizens are looking for ITIN for themselves, but they also buy my father tax for the first time. They also I’m going to find someone to have U.S. citizen children. They’ve been here long enough to be considered a U.S. resident alien.

Protagonist is paying their taxes for them. And we’re doing ITIN application for them. And we’re finding out that children were born in the US. So we’re hoping that seniors will get their ITIN.

And we’re also, you know, by claiming their children were U.S. citizens on the tax returns, even though the person who is looking to get the ITIN can’t get a stimulus or a relief payment, their child can get financial credit.

Right. They can get 500 for the U.S. citizen dependent. And that will be something beneficial to them. So to answer the question is that those are the main ways to to really use the ITIN and get your full tax refund.

When it comes to the married filing jointly case or dependent or even if you’re looking to get your IITN, you have a child who’s born in the U.S. and you want to get that $500 credit with what’s going on right now, these are all the cases we’re really seeing right now.

What To Do Next

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