How to Renew Your ITIN Number? ITIN Renewal 2020

“How do I renew my itin number in 2020?”

We posted another article in terms of how to figure out if you need to renew your ITIN number.

So now this article is going to be talking about how do you renew your ITIN number.

After reading that article, you know one of three things:

  1. Your ITIN expired.
  2. Your ITIN will expire soon.
  3. If you don’t file a tax return soon, it will expire… but.

You have to renew it to submit your next tax return.

Start your ITIN Renewal application here:

How To Renew Your ITIN

When it comes to renewing your ITIN application, you must complete the ITIN application itself and provide valid identification documentation.

Now, for the ITIN renewal applications, the supporting documentation requirement is optional.

You don’t have to provide a tax return or one of the exception category documents.

However, we highly recommend filing your tax return together with your ITIN renewal application if you need to report some income.

And the reason why is that you’re killing two birds with one stone, saving a bunch of headaches and time down the line.

Should you be eligible for any tax refunds, that will come through as well.

Now, it’s obviously your choice.

If you don’t have your taxes ready and just want to try ITIN renewed first, you may go ahead and do that, too.

All in all, we prefer to submit both, the tax return and the ITIN renewal application together.

How to Apply To ITIN Renewal

So that’s how you go ahead and you apply to renew your ITIN.

And for simplicity, go through a Certified Acceptance Agent. They’re specially trained in this process.

It’s what they do all day, every day.

They can help you get through this step by step, nice and smoothly, and do all the work for you, ensuring everything’s done correctly.

And the peace of mind is priceless. So that’s our recommendation to you.

What to Do Next

We do offer the ITIN renewal service, and we’d love to help you.

If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and post them below.

If you would like to use our ITIN renewal service, go ahead and click the link below.

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