How to Renew Your ITIN to Avoid Tax Return Processing Delays

Wondering how to renew your ITIN to avoid tax return process and delay.

So today we’re going to be talking about how to get your ITIN renewed so that you can avoid tax return processing delays. So the first question that we usually get when it comes to people who already have an ITIN right.

So not people who don’t have one and they’re trying to get one, but people who already have a pre-existing ITIN and their ITIN finally expired and now they need to get renewed.

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Renew Your ITIN To Avoid Refund And Processing Delays

So the first question you should get from them is, do I have to provide a tax return with my ITIN renewal application to get my ITIN renewed? And the answer is no. Now, just because the answer is no, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide one.

Every time we get that question, we tell our clients, yes, we can get your ITIN renew without it. But do we recommend you doing that?

Absolutely not.

Just think about it chronologically and logically speaking. You have to get your ITIN renewed. And then you also have a tax reporting requirement for that year.

If you can get both them done at the same time, then why would you split them up and do it separately?

Why Do You Need to Renew Your ITIN? 

The ITIN application process itself is already requires work and a lot more work than people think. And which is why we’re here to make that easier for you.

You know, if it’s already a lengthy process itself, why would you make it even lengthier by splitting it up in a way first to have your rights and renewed and then going ahead and then filing your tax return afterwards?

It just doesn’t make any sense. We always tell our clients and we always strongly recommend to them, if you are getting your ITIN renewed, let’s get the tax return prepared first, that the ITIN is going to be used on.

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How you Can Renew ITIN with Us

And let’s go ahead and we’ll file that tax return with your ITIN renew application and all the other documentation that we’ll prepare for it and we’ll file all that together to the IRS so that we can first get your ITIN renewed successfully and then the IRS, we can work with them on using that on your tax return and then processing your tax accordingly.

It makes no sense to separate the two. We know a lot of people suggested or they want us to do it and we can do it at your request. But we always try and urge our clients or even people who are just inquiring about tax I.D. in general on the process. Definitely to avoid tax return processing delays down the line when you’re renewing your ITIN, file it with your tax return as well.

What To Do Next

I hope this article is informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments posted below and if you are interested in signing up for ITIN, tax I.D. service or EIN service or other service as well.

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