Can I Work With My ITIN Number?

Wondering how to can you use an ITIN to get a job?

Today we’re going to be talking about a great topic, one that we love speaking about and it’s also partially controversial as well too. It is, can you use an ITIN to get a job?

It’s a question and topic that’s often misunderstood by non-US citizens and I’m very excited to talk about it, so let’s go ahead and get right into it.

Now, before we answer the question, we do want to also preface our answer with this note that ITINs, they do not grant you work status, they don’t change your work status, they don’t grant you work status and they also don’t change your immigration status as well, too.

That’s one thing that we wanted to make sure we really pointed out and noted before we dive right into answering this question.

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Can I Get a Legal Job If I Have an ITIN?

Once again, having an ITIN does not change your work status and it does not grant you work status. If you didn’t have work status before the ITIN, you don’t have work status after the ITIN and it does not change your immigration status as well, either.

Always remember, it’s a tax reporting identification number, so it’s simply for that purpose. Now let’s go ahead and get into the answer. Can you use an ITIN to get a job?

Now, we want to word this very carefully.

If you’re physically present in the US for example and you go to an employer and you ask for them to hire you, if at the employer’s discretion they tell you, hey, you know what, if you can provide me an ITIN I can give you a job and pay you, then yeah, technically speaking at the employee’s discretion, if being physically present in the US and having the ITIN could technically help you gain employment.

Now, the key thing to note here is that having an ITIN technically it does not allow to be put on the payroll and W2, but you could be 1099 with an ITIN or actually EIN as well too. We want to also talk about that as well too.

An employer, if they want to hire you as an independent contractor or sole proprietor, you can provide them an EIN and they can 1099 you and then when that 1099 is given to you from the employer, they’ve now reported that income to the IRS on their side.

Now it’s your turn to take that 1099 and used to prepare a tax turn, which you will ultimately file that tax turn with an ITIN application to the IRS, to help you get your ITIN and your taxes processed or you can simply get an ITIN and then provide to the employer and they can also 1099 you with that and then you can get paid for your services using that.

Can An ITIN Be Used On a W2

Now, keep in mind when you’re 1099, that’s a task basis, it’s not an hourly. When you have the ITIN remember, you cannot be put on payroll and W2 using ITIN, it has to be a social.

That’s one key thing to keep in mind and make sure that you understand, you keep clear, that having the ITIN will allow you to 1099 and hired by an employer, but that’s on a task based not an hourly.

This is where the controversial part now comes into play, because we do sometimes get clients where they come to us and they have W2’s, but they are non-US citizens, they don’t have a social security number, they don’t have an ITIN and this is where some have brought to the table, some of the controversy in this, how did they get the W2?

Are they using a fake social security number?

Are they using someone else’s social secure number?

This is where the controversy really comes in, but that’s why we wanted to make sure we really clarified having the ITIN does not legally allow you to be on the payroll and get W2, but you could be 1099 as an independent contractor and that’s on a task basis.

You have to also remember if you’re being paid, you have to make sure wage and hour laws aren’t are violated. Employment law comes into effect here as well, too.

That’s one thing that really makes sure you distinguish between the two, but yes, to answer the question if I’m being technical, if you are physically present in the US you could technically gain employment by having an ITIN number and at the employer’s discretion, if they’re willing to employ you using it.

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Can ITIN Help Abroad to Get a Job?

That’s the answer to that. Also if you’re based abroad, not just based in the US, if you’re based abroad outside of the United States, again, the same thing kind of applies.

You can still be hired as an independent contractor. Prior to using the EIN or ITIN, you could technically get employment that way too, when they hire you for your services.

We hope this clarified the confusion when it comes to using ITINs and using it to get a job and can you or can’t you and the technicalities as well in that.

We hope this video was informative. We hope it clarified a lot of confusion for a lot of you guys out there.

What To Do Next

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