Can I Get ITIN To Receive Unemployment Benefits?

In this article we’re going be talking about another popular trending topic, given what’s going on right now with covid-19. Many Americans are trying to get unemployment.

Some are being the hours are being cut or they’re being laid off. So, you know, for some sort of compensation in order to make ends meet, they’re trying to go on unemployment. And this article is in regards to non U.S. citizens. And that matter.

We know that on a lot of other articles, we’ve been getting a lot of questions in the comment section about unemployment. So we thought w’d make this article to kind of address that.

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Unemployment Benefits as a Non-U.S. Citizen

Unfortunately, when it comes to non U.S. citizens who have been tax payers for quite some time in this country and they pay their taxes with ITIN not so Social Security Number as they are not U.S. citizens right now with this whole crisis going on and many of them obviously losing their jobs or their hours are being cut and their wages are obviously non-existent or lowered, they need either that unemployment or that stimulus check.

And unfortunately, it kills us to say this, but individuals who are using ITIN and the taxpayers, they would not receive or they’re not eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

So it’s a tough reality to swallow. We understand. But that is the answer to that question. And you can always feel free double check this.

It varies also from state to state. So that’s one thing you want to know when it comes to unemployment. Always make sure you check with your state in regards to this matter, because it does vary.

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Does ITIN Users Qualify For Unemployment Benefits

The policies vary a little bit from state to state. So definitely look into that. Do your due diligence. But as a general rule of thumb, no ITIN Users who pay taxes, they are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

So it is tough right now. It’s a difficult time for or individuals who are Non U.S. citizens in this country, who are honest, hardworking people who are paying their taxes. They’re not getting a stimulus check and they’re not getting unemployment benefits.

So it is really difficult, but we’re hoping for the best. We’re hoping that this situation hopefully will get resolved or get alleviated soon where people can’t get their jobs back, they can’t go back to work and start earning wages and take care of their own and take care of themselves.

We’re paying for everyone out there in regards to that matter. We hope this article was informative.

What To Do Next?

So We wanted this time to answer it and shed some light on it. If any more updates come out in regards to these kind of topics, we’ll post more content for sure about it.

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