How to Get an ITIN Number Quickly?

Wondering how to get an ITIN number quickly even after COVID-19 global pandemic?

Everyone wants an ITIN quickly, to the point that we get anxious.

“When’s it coming? When’s it coming?”

To answer this question, we’ll break it into two parts.

  • The first part under normal circumstances and
  • The second part amidst a pandemic.

Get ITIN Number Under Normal Circumstances

During normal times, the best way to get an ITIN quickly, inside the tax season (January to April 15), is through a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA).

When applying on your own, with a tax assistant center, or a CPA, it will take twice… or more.

And outside of tax season, it’s the same drill.

Through an agent and during tax season, it takes between five to six weeks to get your ITIN.

Contrarily, it takes between 10 to 12 weeks to do it by yourself, through a tax center, or with a CPA.

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Get ITIN Number Quickly Through a CAA

Moving outside of the tax season, applying through a CAA under normal circumstances, it takes between 3 to 4 weeks.

Outside of tax season, doing it on your own (if done correctly), through a tax assistance center, or with a CPA, it takes at least 8 to 9 weeks.

So again, agents like ourselves are way more efficient.

And you don’t need to send your original documents to the IRS when working with an agent.

So under normal circumstances, it’s always best.

If you want to get your ITIN number quickly, go through a CAA.


  • Walk you through the process
  • Fill all the complicated paperwork for you
  • Certify your documents
  • GUARANTEE your ITIN or your Money Back (that’s how we work on
  • Get it faster for you

Two out of three people who apply for an ITIN on their own for the first time get rejected.

Just a short statistic to understand how risky it is to apply on your own.

Don’t risk it, just go through an agent. It makes it a lot easier.

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Get ITIN Number Under Current Circumstances (Covid-19)

We move toward our second scenario: pandemic circumstances.

For everyone who says, “I want to get my ITIN quickly”, ufortunately, that’s just not an option.

We wish it was, but it’s not.

With the whole COVID situation, we can turn in ITIN applications to the IRS, but their processing is indefinitely delayed.

And that’s just the nature of the situation.

So under our current circumstance getting an ITIN number quickly is completely out of the question.

The IRS receives hundreds of millions of packages every day from all over the world.

They’re coming from places where people are infected with COVID and it can spread.

So for precautionary measures, the IRS is only operating at about 30 to 40% of the workforce capacity.

So getting an EIN or an ITIN will be significantly delayed.

And that’s just the current situation.

There’s nothing anyone can really do about it.

But as explained before, under normal or abnormal circumstances, we always recommend going through an agent.

Make sure you work with a CAA (Certified Acceptance Agent), which you can find listed on the IRS website.

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What to Do Next

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