How to Get ITIN Number for Illegal Immigrants

If you are wondering how to get an ITIN number for illegal immigrants.

We are going to be talking about one of my favorites, actually, since we started getting into taxes and tax IDs. It’s it’s a question that we’ve also gotten so many times and we’ve learned more and more about over the years.

And it’s a question we’re passionate about, especially because we do also work in immigration a little bit as well, too. So we want to go ahead and talk about how to get an ITIN for illegal immigrants.

And can they get one? And what benefit does it? Have in terms of maybe one day getting citizenship or a green card? So we want to go ahead and talk about all that in this article.

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Can Illegal Immigrants Get an ITIN Number?

And the answer is yes, absolutely.

Just because you’re an illegal immigrant does not mean they do not apply for an ITIN. And if you do have income that you are making, you are allowed to report it and you pay tax on it or try to pay tax on it.

In fact, that’s the whole reason why the ITIN was actually brought into effect by the IRS in 1996 was so that people who are living in this country, whether they got here illegally or not, if they did not have an SSN and they were trying to report income that they made and they wanted to pay taxes on it, the ITIN was brought into effect so that they could do that.

We’ve talked about this on other articles that we have millions of individuals in this country who are now paying taxes united.

And it’s a great thing. So that’s why the IRS by brought it. So, yes, illegal immigrants can, in fact, get an ITIN and they can file and pay taxes.

Now, we know a lot of illegal immigrants who reach out to us and they ask, should I report this income or not? You know, I don’t want to get in trouble or anything like that.

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How to Get ITIN Number for Undocumented Immigrants

First of all, immigration and taxes are completely separate.

We know people like to put them together, but they are very much separate. It has not just because you are illegal doesn’t mean you can’t apply for an ITIN and your status as an immigrant has nothing to do with your ITIN.

And it dictates how we felt the paperwork, but doesn’t mean you can’t get an ITIN. So they don’t really go hand in hand and they are very much separate. But we always tell the individuals who reach out to you and they ask for consultations.

They say I report my income. I don’t get any trouble.

So if illegal immigrants down the line want to hopefully get a green card or apply for citizenship etc.

One thing that’s really important is you’re an immigration attorney will tell you this is something called GMC, which is good moral character. And this is something that judges and immigration officers, they all look for.

And one of the things that they use to judge good moral character is, has this illegal immigrant been in this country on U.S. soil?

You know, had they been trying to comply with the requirements, the laws? And one of them is taxes.

Had they been reporting their income that they’ve been making, had they been paying their taxes, filing their tax returns?

You know, this is one of the immigration officer love this judge’s love this. It’s a really if you do this consistently, it’s really good for your case. So, yes, we always encourage illegal immigrants who come to us about this.

Definitely report your income, try and pay taxes, try and comply with the IRS and the government and be a good member of society. You’re living on U.S. soil to try and comply.

It looks good for your case down the line. It won’t hurt you. It’ll only help you. So, yeah, definitely does.

Does it mean that just because you pay taxes, you’re going to get a green card?


If that were the case, we have a line of millions of people trying to get one. It doesn’t mean that, but it definitely helps your case for sure. It’s one of those things that falls on a GMC good moral character.

What To Do Next

So we hope this was informative and we hope that it clarified some confusion for a lot of you out there who may be in this kind of situation. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us.

We would love to help answer them for you. You can post a comment below or you can email us at

If you’re sign up for ITIN Application service and have our work with you on getting your ITIN. If you are an illegal immigrant, we would love to help you.

We’ve been doing this for years and we Specialize in this, it’s a passion of mine, so definitely reach out to us.

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