Do I Need ITIN To Get IRS Stimulus Check?

Wondering do you need an ITIN to get an IRS stimulus check?

Here we’re going to be talking about the trending topic, obviously, with what’s going on right now, which is the whole covid-19 situation and also the IRS stimulus checks.

The question is as a non U.S. citizen, do you have to get the ITIN in order to be able to get your IRS stimulus check?

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Do You Have To Get an ITIN In Order To Get Your IRS Stimulus Check

The answer of this question kills us to say this, but unfortunately, if you are a taxpayer who is using an ITIN and you’re non-U.S. citizens and unfortunately you will not qualify to get that IRS stimulus check.

We know this is a very controversial and sensitive topic right now with what’s going on in the world and also with our tax system, we have a lot of ITIN users in this country who have been tax payers for quite some time.

And right now they’re very much looking to get that stimulus check, but unfortunately, they don’t qualify. So that’s the answer to that question.

If You Have an ITIN And Not Going To Qualify To Get A Stimulus Check

If you got the ITIN and you’re not going to qualify to get a stimulus check, take it a step further. If you are a non U.S. citizen and you are married to a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien, the situation here is we’ll give you an example.

So if you have a U.S. citizen who has a Social Security Number and they are looking to file their taxes as married, filing jointly, they are married to a non U.S. citizen who we can help get the ITIN for or they already have their ITIN.

The question would be then, is that married filing jointly couple? Are they going to get a $2400 stimulus check or just $1200?

This is a question that’s really popping up a lot every day now since the situation has come about.

And the answer to that question is that couple will only receive $1200, not $2400, unfortunately, because it goes back to the rule that we talked about earlier, where by default and ITIN user, who is being claimed on a tax return as a spouse or dependent or is filing their own tax return as a single filer, they do not qualify to get that IRS stimulus check.

So therefore it applies to a married filing jointly case as well, where a U.S. citizen is claiming that Non U.S citizens ITIN user on their taxes. They would only acquire it for themselves as $1200 for the stimulus check, not $2400.

And then also, when it comes to dependents, once again, if the dependent is a Social Security number holder and the U.S. citizen, then you get that $500 credit per dependent. But if the dependent is a non U.S. ITIN user, once again the rule applies.

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Is It Possible To Stimulus Check For Dependent Using An ITIN

There will be no stimulus check or credit granted for and dependent using an ITIN. And we know it’s hard and it’s a tough one because it’s a controversial topic right now.

It’s very sensitive but it is something that’s going to be certain we’re pretty this going to be spoken about more in depth in the future and should be allowed to advocate for change in regards to this aspect of our tax system.

This country has well over 5-6 million taxpayers who are using ITINs and that figure that’s just conservative.

They could be more than that. And these are people who have ITIN for quite some time and they have been paying taxes all these years.

And now at a time where they need a stimulus check, all these years of paying taxes, reporting their income and abiding by the system, complying with the federal with the IRS, and they’re not getting the stimulus checks.

So they kind of take it as, you know, what was the point? You know, and we understand where they’re coming from.

But this is the answer to that question. it’s tough, but that’s the reality of it.

We hope this article was informative for those of you out there who were a bit confused about this and want to gain some clarity. Any more updates come out about this topic?

we’ll definitely be sure to post more content about it and help in any way that we can if you are still looking to file your taxes and be claimed on them for U.S. citizen who’s trying to file jointly obviously to claim their spouse and possibly get an increased tax refund and get ITIN for yourself.

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