How to Get Your ITIN to File and Pay Your Taxes

Looking to know how to get ITIN to file and pay taxes?

So today we’re going be talking about how to get an ITIN in order to be able to file and pay your taxes. It’s a pretty obviously common question.

It’s pretty straight forward in terms of how to go about doing it. We will add some components to our answer for different, we guess, cases that people may run into depending on their situation.

So obviously the traditional route to be able to apply for an ITIN is to obviously go the income tax return. So if you have to file a tax return, you need to have an ITIN.

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How Do You File Taxes with ITIN Number

Now, people think that one comes before the other. That’s usually the most common misconception is that people think I feel my ITIN first and then I can go ahead and I can put the ITIN all my tax law and then file it accordingly like electronically.

And that’s the misunderstanding right there. That’s not true. The way it works is that if you have to file a tax return and you do not have a Social Security number or ITIN.

What needs to happen is you need to file both your ITIN application and your tax return together to the IRS, not separately, because when you’re a non U.S. citizen and you don’t have a SSN and ITIN.

And you have to be either claimed on a tax return or you want to file your own tax return, you cannot file that tax return electronically, which means you cannot file it.

And this is universal across the board, whether it being claimed as the spouse or whether you’re being clear as a dependent or you’re filing your own tax return, that taxes that you are being claimed on.

If you dont have an ITIN or SSN for Pay Taxes

If you do not have an ITIN or SSN, that tax return cannot be electronically filed. It must be manually filed in accordance to IRS tax filing procedure and its application guidelines.

People are very resistant with this policy. They think there’s room for negotiation in that there’s no negotiating this.

We hear that all the time. What we can do this, we can’t do that. No, this is really it’s a straightforward thing. It’s only the first return.

It’s only that first return that needs to be maybe filed after the returns issued in moving forward in the future, you can electronically file your ITIN and whenever you like. And it’s not a problem. It’s just that first return.

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How to Get Your ITIN as U.S. Citizen to File Taxes

People who are kind of in that situation where they’re trying to be claiming this as a spouse or dependent, the same thing applies on those oftentimes the dependent of a U.S. citizen or the US resident alien, and that U.S. citizen who’s trying to claim them.

Oftentimes, you know, they’re run into the problem where whether CPAs asking them to give them an ITIN for their spouse or dependent so the CPA can prepare their taxes and then finally e-file it.

And we spent a lot of time talking to CPAs and worked with them on our client’s behalf to help, we guess, work with them on getting the tax return prepared, but not e-filed so that we can manually file that tax return with the clients.

ITIN application to have them get their ITIN issued and then ultimately have the tax return process accordingly as well. So that’s how you go ahead and get your ITIN and also be able to get your ITIN to file taxes and pay taxes as well.

What To Do Next

We hope this article was informative. And just to recap one more time, you do them both simultaneously. One does not come before the other.

So just don’t forget that fact. We hope this article is helpful. And if you have any questions or comments posted below, we’ll be more than happy to answer them back or efficiency.

We would love to help you guys out and work with you. So go ahead and just click the link below to get started.

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