ITIN Application Fee How Much Does it Cost to Get ITIN

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of non-U.S. citizens to get their EINs and ITINs, and we’d love to help you get yours as well too.

Wondering which is ITIN application fee or, also, how much does it cost to get an ITIN to be more direct? It’s a great question, and we’ll dive right into it.

So, how much does it actually cost to apply for an ITIN?

It doesn’t cost you anything. You could apply for it on your own, it costs nothing. Now, obviously with an ITIN application comes having the right documentation.

Now, getting the right documentation, that can cost you money. So, we want to be clear. The actual filling out of the ITIN application, although it may seem simple, it’s not.

People say it is, but then they often get rejected many times from the IRS, so then they come to find out it really wasn’t that simple at all.

Filling out the application is free. You can go to a IRS tax assistant center, you can file it yourself. It’s very much free.

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ITIN Application Cost and Required Documents

Now, an ITIN application has documentation requirements like valid identification, like supporting documentation such as a tax return, or if you’re not using a tax return, then you have to provide the valid documentation from the ITIN exception category that you qualify for.

Now, sometimes to get these documentations, that may cost money, like getting your tax return prepared. If you’re not preparing your own taxes and you are using an accounting, that’s a cost right there.

Obviously depending which accountant you use, depending on what their fees are or an enrolled agent, or whoever it is, they have their own fees.

So, keep in mind, yes, the actual filling out of the ITIN application does not cost anything. You can do it on your own if you know all the instructions and how to do it properly.

It won’t cost you a thing, but to get the documentation, that may cost you. So, just keep that in mind.

Cost to Fill an ITIN Application

Now, when it comes to filling out an ITIN application, we always strongly recommend to non-U.S. citizens to go through a really good IRS certified acceptance agent, like ourselves or other ones out there.

The reason why we say that is because people have this misconception that when they go to an attorney or a CPA or an IRS tax assistance center that these people are specially trained in the ITIN application process, and they’re going to get it right. It’s guaranteed.

That’s just not the case. A lot of our clients come from people who either apply for ITINs on their own and they got rejected from the IRS multiple times.

A fun statistic is the person who applies for an ITIN on their own, on average, two out of three of them get rejected from the IRS. So, that’s just a fun fact to take home.

Second: if they’re not applying their own, let’s say they’re filling out the application and then going to a tax assistance center, like an IRS tax center, they have the misunderstanding that these tax centers are going to spoonfeed you, walk you through, how to get the application done, and it’s going to be guaranteed to be accepted. That’s just not the case.

These places are simply taking your application and they’re sending it to the IRS. They’re not going through the application and saying,

  • Why are you applying for an ITIN?
  • Did you check the right boxes?
  • Did you provide the right information?
  • Did you provide the right documentation?
  • Is your documentation properly formatted?

None of this. Or, was your documentation for the right exception category? Is it valid for the exception category if you’re not providing a tax return?”

None of that is looked into at the IRS tax centers. So, they’re just simply taking your application. There’s no quality control check, there’s none of that.

They’re just taking it and they’re sending it to the IRS. So, you get people who come back and they say, “Well, my application still got rejected. How come? I went to an IRS tax center.”

Now, you know why. Knowing that, it still takes a lot longer when you goes through them because they wait until their batches are completely filled before they even ship them off to the IRS service center in Austin, Texas.

So, those are the things to keep in mind. Then third, I want to go into attorneys and CPAs. Attorneys and CPAs, this is just something that they do that help their clients out, but they’re not specially trained in the ITIN applications process and know every single little thing that needs to be done properly so that it does not get rejected from IRS, it doesn’t set off a code error in the ITIN service center in Austin, Texas when they receive it.

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How to Find ITIN Acceptance Agent

Now, they don’t know these things. This is just something they’re doing it as a side to help their clients out, but they’re not specially trained in it.

That’s why we recommend that you go with an IRS certified acceptance agent. It’s that peace of mind of knowing that they’re trained in this process, and this is what they do on a daily basis multiple times.

They’re going to be able to not only do that, not only complete the ITIN application properly for you, be able to certify your identification documentation for you, and create a certified copy of it so that you don’t have to send in your originals, which oftentimes gets lost in the mail from IRS.

You can keep your originals, but they can also represent you and speak to the IRS on your behalf. It’s like you don’t have to deal with them.

If there’s revisions that need to be done and get corrected for you, or provide them additional information that they need require, or work with the IRS on getting it issued, and a lot faster at that.

Certifying Acceptance Agent Fees

Going through a CAA’s also a lot faster than applying to a tax center or apply on your own. So, there’s so much value in using a CAA.

So, although yes, applying for ITIN on your own is free, we always recommend going to a professional. Going to a professional, each professional has their own fee. At, we charge $497.

Oftentimes, we have sales where we have special promotional code sales where we give a hundred dollars off, sometimes more, and it’s worth every penny.

Our customers love our service, they have really shown their love for how much value we’ve brought them in this service and how much we’ve helped them out and successfully got their ITINs for them.

Use a Certified Acceptance Agent to Obtain an ITIN

It’s something we’re going to continue to do. We love doing this. So, that’s the best way we can really answer this question in terms of ITIN application fees.

To do it, it doesn’t cost anything, but to get the right documentation or to make sure you get done successfully, then yeah, there will be a cost to it and it just depends on who you go with.

We always want to make sure people understand. Do your research, do your due diligence in who you work with and make sure that it is worth the money.

Each person sets their rates based on what they feel their value is. We set our rates based on what we feel our value is.

We’ve been in the business for a long time. We’ve, for years now, helping non-U.S. citizens all over the world to get their ITINs and we feel like we’re very credible, we’re very dependable, we have a great success rate, and we want to continue that moving forward.

We think we’re worth the price that we charge for our services. We would love to work with you as well too.

What To Do Next

So if you’re interested in getting your ITIN, don’t hesitate, go ahead and contact us at If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them for you.

If you’re ready to start the service, go ahead and click the link below to go ahead and fill out your order form to get started, submit payment.

Our team will go ahead and sit down with you and get ready to work on your paperwork, make sure you get the right documentation, make sure it’s the right format so we can help you get your ITIN filed with the IRS and then work with the IRS to help you try to an issue.

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