What Documents Are Needed to Apply For an ITIN?

Are you still confused about what documents are needed to apply for an ITIN?

Today we’re discussing the misunderstandings about the ITIN documentation you need to apply for one.

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How Do I Apply For An ITIN

The worst misconception people have about ITIN applications is…

They think it’s just about filling the W-7 Form. That’s WRONG.

Although it seems like a simple one-page form, there are countless ways to mess it up.

It can be filled out wrongly in many different ways with…

  • What box you check
  • What information you input that can generate a code error in the IRS service center, causing a rejection.
  • How to follow the W7 Form Instructions the way the IRS wants.

So it’s really interesting how that one little, small form, which everyone thinks is so simple to apply for an ITIN with, can cause so many errors.

ITIN Application Is Not Just A W-7 Form

The second thing is… the ITIN application is not just a W-7 Form.

There are two sets of documentation required with an ITIN application when applying for a new ITIN.

If you’re renewing your ITIN, you only need one of these requirements.

But if you’re applying for a new ITIN, then you need both.

How To Apply For A New ITIN

If you’re trying to apply for a new ITIN, you need one identification documentation and two supporting documentation.

That identification documentation, traditionally, is satisfied with a valid passport.

Now, if you don’t have a valid passport, the IRS does have a list of alternate acceptable identification documentation.

Now, keep in mind, if you don’t provide a passport for this requirement, then you have to provide two valid identification documentation.

Supporting Documentation Requirements For ITIN Application

The second set of documentation requirements for the ITIN application are the supporting documentation.

For ITIN renewal applications, the identification documentation requirement is mandatory, but the supporting is optional.

So that’s the difference between the two.

The supporting documentation for the ITIN application, traditionally, is satisfied with a/an…

  • Income Tax Return Form
  • US Federal Income Tax Return Form
  • State Income Tax Return Form

But if you don’t, it’s okay, a federal is all you need.

Now, if you cannot provide a US Federal Tax Return with your ITIN application, then the IRS has five ITIN exception categories.

If you qualify for one of these five categories, then based on which category you qualify for, we can use the documentation from that category in place of a tax return.

And that’s where we come into play as CAAs (Certified Acceptance Agents).

We do consultations for our clients and find out what to provide if the tax return is not an option.

We’ll figure out what’s the best category to follow through according to the client’s objectives.

Documentations For Non-US Citizens

Most times, non-US citizens and Non-Residents don’t know how to get these documentation right.

A good Certified Acceptance Agent will go above and beyond and walk you through how to do so.

In our case at ITIN.com, when it’s a tax return route, we provide tax prep services. So we prepare your ITIN application along with your tax return.

Plenty of people reach out to us and frustrated and exhausted.

And we understand why.

They’re just like, “Give me my ITIN,” or, “Why are you making it so difficult?”

We’re not trying to make it difficult. The other way around, in fact.

These are the rules that all agents have to work around, regardless of who we are.

These are the IRS rules, and when you’re applying for an ITIN, you must follow them.

So if you want to get your ITIN, provide the right docs.

What to Do Next

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