How to Get Credit Card With ITIN Number?

Want to know how to get your ITIN to build credit or apply for a credit card?

In this article we are going to be talking about a new popular topic over the last few years, which is gain the ITIN solely for the purpose of being able to build credit or maybe apply for a mortgage loan or another loan type or even applying for a credit card.

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Get Your ITIN To Build

Clients of mine throughout the years who are looking to get their ITIN solely for one of these three purposes.

What we’ve come to find with their cases throughout the years is generally they. We know why they want ITIN, obviously, which is for one of these three purposes.

  1. Apply for a loan
  2. Build credit Card
  3. Apply for a mortgage

But on paper, they usually don’t technically qualify to apply for one. So we usually have to get to work with them one on one to get them to qualify to apply for one.

And then we successfully get their ITINs for them and then they’re able to go on and apply for a loan or build credit or apply for a personal credit card.

How to Get Your ITIN To Apply for a Credit Card As Non-U.S. Citizens

We do want to use this time to also readdress something that we point out in previous article, which was that the credit card article, when it comes to non U.S. citizens and applying for credit cards, if it’s a personal credit card, there are banks, there are companies or banks that obviously they do accept the ITIN.

And so you could have you could apply for a personal credit card using ITIN and there are some companies who don’t accept the ITIN.

And they only accept the SSN. And there’s something except both you. It depends on what company you want to work with or get the credit card through.

We always strongly suggest you contact their customer service so you can find out not only to accept it and then what additional requirements as well. On top of that, do they require that you can get a credit card through them?

Also, good general rule of thumb, when it comes to business credit cards, the general rule of thumb for them is that they don’t accept ITIN and they only usually accept the SSN.

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Uses Of ITIN

So you want to keep that in mind as well. The ITIN obviously is used for many, many different reasons.

This is definitely a popular thing that I’m seeing now over the last few years where people are trying to get the ITIN to apply for credit card bill credit or apply for a mortgage loan if they’re in the states.

There’s a lot of different stuff. So, I’ve seen this more and more, and we’re happy to say that we’re still more than capable of being able to help get the ITINs for individuals in these cases.

What To Do Next

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If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at and We might even be more than happy to help you. We look forward to working with you soon.

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