How to Apply For EIN Without SSN?

Here’s how you can get your EIN without SSN or ITIN…

Here we’re going to be talking about can you get EIN without having an SSN or ITIN?

And the answer to this question is obviously, yes. This is one of the most misunderstood things in the tax I.D. world.

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How to Get an EIN from Outside the U.S.

A lot of other companies also misinformed non U.S. citizens that they cannot get an EIN without first having a SSN or ITIN, which is very, very false.

They fail to know the real process and how this works and inform them properly that you can, in fact obtain ein without SSN or ITIN.

And the main thing to clarify here is and what they’re not telling you oftentimes is if you want to get your EIN online, then yes, if you want get EIN through the IRS website in order to do so, you need to have your SSN or ITIN.

That is correct. But if you don’t have an SSN or ITIN application. It does not mean you still can’t get EIN. And it just means it has to be done manually.

How can File an EIN without an SSN/ITIN as Non U.S. Citizens

That’s what we specialize in. We specialize in working with non U.S. citizens and together to get their EIN and apply for them manually or apply for the ITIN for them.

So they very much can be done and not for the foreign entrepreneurs out there who are looking to register US businesses always remember that I’ve done many deals on this.

The appropriate chronological route to take is first register your U.S. business like an LLC or corporation, then get EIN for it, which we specialize in.

We can get the name for your business after is registered without having the SSN or the ITIN. And then afterwards we can use those documentations to help you get your ITIN as well for you too.

And then that way you’re ready. You have all the things you need to be able to open your U.S. business bank and open your merchant account, start filing and paying your taxes for both your personal and your business and many, many more things as well, too.

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What To Do Next

Like we always say, the ITIN is a good for everything and for your business, EIN is also the same way. So we hope this article clarified some misunderstandings a lot of you are having with the unions.

And we try and hopefully answer your question for you guys if you have any more questions or comments go and posted below. And if you are interested in signing up for the IRS application service, click the link below here. Any questions for me and ask directly.

You can go ahead and send the email to us directly at We look forward to working with you soon.

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